Our model


Our model is to partner with the owners of historic church buildings to provide project development and building management which retains ongoing worship space for Sundays. Various government and charitable partners are then invited to be part of a new “community hub” concept, attractive to new categories of impact funding. Heritage buildings will first be made safe and usable and later sensitively developed to a modern, world-class standard also suitable for conference, event, concert and wedding activities that will lead to local centres becoming financially self-sustainable.

Our four organizational pillars are to Connect, Advise, Invest and Run.

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We bring together the best minds, most important buildings, key building owners, community groups, municipal leaders, investors, planners, heritage, architectural and technical experts at the local, provincial and national levels. Practically, we run city- and denomination-wide meetings to connect Canada’s key thinkers in this area.

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We advise churches, foundations and funds on how to assemble property packages for the conversion of church buildings into community hubs. Through our network of associates and advisors we have access to a full suite of services including legal, tax, brokerage, architectural design, urban planning, project and property management.

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Along with our financial services and advisory partners, we are assembling what we hope will become one of Canada’s largest social impact funds. Stay tuned for more news later in 2019 as we release our investment roadmap.

Contact us to be notified when our investment prospectus is released.

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We work with some of Canada’s best asset and property management experts - and some of the best operators of transformed church spaces - to develop robust and financially sustainable operating models for our community hubs.

Contact us to find out more about the Trinity Centres Network, a new national network of transformed church spaces operating at the highest levels of excellence.